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Not That Stupid

Not That Stupid – The Song 

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Not That StupidNot That Stupid is a popular song written by singer/songwriter Stephen Reso when he was the lead singer of indie alternative rock band Underground Cartoons in the early to mid 1990’s.  Stephen Reso wrote the song Not That Stupid on piano while waiting for a ride to a rehearsal session for the group.  The band worked up the song at that pre-gig rehearsal and ended up debuting the song the following night. Not That Stupid was an instant hit among Underground Cartoons’ fans and has been featured on several major network tv series such as MTV’s Real World and CBS’s Guiding Light.

Not That Stupid Sidenote

Not That Stupid was the first original song by Underground Cartoons and quickly became the band’s signature song.  Get it HERE!

The song, Not That Stupid, was recorded for Underground Cartoons’ album “Shoot for the Sky” which was released in 1993.  Shoot for the Sky, a 7-song EP was produced by rock veteran Jeff Murphy of The Shoes fame at his Short Order Recorder studio in Zion, IL.

Stephen Reso Remembers Recording Not That Stupid

“We had four or five days from start to finish for the entire album.  Jeff, the coolest cat ever said, ‘I told you guys I would make your album in five days and I will’.  He did it!”

“Jeff told me he was going to work me hard when it was time to record vocal tracks.  The vocal session for the album started about eight pm, after a full day of guitars and went into the next early morning.  The session was for my lead vocal tracks and Mick’s on ‘Headfirst’, plus backing for all of the songs on the album.  We were out of time and flying out the next day so it was crucial that we have a great session.  Not That Stupid was last out of the songs and is a one-take… or, two if you count the run-through”.

Not That Stupid Was Not the Last Song Recorded

“So, after we cut the vocal tracks for all of the songs on the album, including Not That Stupid, it was about 2 or 3 AM, I think.  Jeff had this beautiful Baby Grand piano in the studio that I kept jumping on for moments throughout the week.  I had this song “Shoot for the Sky” which  I had written for a play Produced/Directed by friend Sid Montz in New Orleans.”

“It was very late (or early) and Jeff asked, ‘anything else’? Mick told me to get back on the piano.  Jeff tuned the piano on the spot and within about 20 minutes we had Shoot for the Sky.  That song ended up being the title track for the album.”

Download MP3 of Not That Stupid HERE!